Wonderlic scores leak

The inevitable leak of Wonderlic scores might be my favorite part of the NFL scouting combine. I don't think I'm alone in that camp.

Few associated with this blog are going to be able to throw a ball further than Sam Bradford or outrun Colt McCoy.

(Side note: Why don't NFL scouts ask quarterbacks to throw the ball as far as they can as part of a workout or maybe even a combine exercise? Sure, accuracy and velocity are much more important, but do teams not want to know exactly how far a guy can chuck it, and when he does, if he loses any of his form? Just a thought. Moving on.)

But they might be able to outscore them in a pretty arbitrary intelligence/general aptitude test with little correlation to NFL success. (See: Dan Marino)

And if I'm being honest with myself, (and I guess, by default, you) that idea is somewhat empowering.

The first flood of scores, which the NFL always tries to keep under wraps but never does, leaked courtesy of Edgar Thompson, the Dolphins beat writer for the Palm Beach Post, who tweeted them earlier today.

An NFL source leaked him the scores of the draft's highest profile quarterbacks:

  • Sam Bradford - 36

  • Colt McCoy - 25

  • Jimmy Clausen - 23

  • Tim Tebow - 22

Players have just 12 minutes to complete the 50-question exam. For more on the test itself, read this.

Want to try an abbreviated version of the test? Check out this old, 15-question ESPN Page 2 quiz. You'll have five minutes to complete the exam.

The answers are at the bottom, but if you peek, you're probably not NFL material.