Coach confidential: Underrated Big 12 recruits

Earlier today, we unveiled the first portion of our post-signing day anonymous survey of Big 12 coaches and staffers. If you missed it, here were the players they picked as their favorite incoming Big 12 recruits from the 2016 class.

We asked those recruiters one more question: Who were the most underrated Big 12 signees this year?

More than 15 coaches and staffers offered their takes on the incoming players that they believe the various rankings and websites miss on. If they’re right, many of these players are going to be future difference-makers in the conference.

Baylor DE Micheal Johnson: “I think he’s going to be a really good pass-rusher. We definitely wanted him.”

Baylor DB Chris Miller: “I think he's going to be a huge player. We had him in camp and he plays with wisdom beyond his years.”

Baylor WR Denzel Mims: “He’s going to be the best of the four wide receivers they signed. I saw them all. I really like his upside. Really raw, but great skills.”

Baylor DB Rajah Preciado: “He might end up being a heck of a player. The thing about him is: He led the state with 23 yards per punt return. That’s a pretty valuable trait.”

Iowa State WR Deshaunte Jones: “He’s a big get. Iowa State normally doesn’t get kids like that.”

Iowa State RB Kene Nwangwu: “He’s a track guy, big-time explosion. He could be a sleeper if he can get to 200 pounds.”

Kansas WR Evan Fairs: "I know his dad played in NFL for long time. One of those big 6-2, 205-pound wideouts. A big, rangy guy like Marcel Ateman at Oklahoma State who's got that length and speed."

Kansas OL Hunter Harris: “He will be a multi-year starter for them. I project him at center. A tough kid.”

Kansas State WR Isaiah Harris: “I watched him play live as a junior. An explosive athlete that can go the distance when he has the ball. Not the tallest, but watch out.”

Kansas State FB Ian Rudzik: “A very under-recruited linebacker that will be a great K-State type of player.”

Kansas State OL Blake Hickey: “May not have fit everyone's measureables. But if he develops, he'll be a multi-year starter at guard or center.”

Oklahoma State RB LD Brown: “One of the fastest guys in Texas. He has that Tavon Austin type of speed and he has really good ball skills.”

Oklahoma State LB Devin Harper: “He’s a special kid. If he was in Texas instead of Tennessee ... his tape is pretty impressive.”

Oklahoma State QB Keondre Wudtee: “He’s a nice player. He’s raw, but he has talent. I think Wudtee will become a good player for them.”

TCU DE Isaiah Chambers: “A great get. An amazing story of what he’s had to overcome to be successful. A great student and awesome intangibles.”

TCU DE Gary Overshown: “An unheralded prospect with a huge upside. Though he’s very raw, his length and athleticism will give him a chance to develop into an elite player.”

TCU DB Vernon Scott: “He’s a steal. I have no idea why he wasn't recruited more. Great length to go along with really good speed.”

TCU QB Brennen Wooten: “He’s a really good quarterback. We really liked that kid.”

Texas DE Andrew Fitzgerald: “He’s one of the better ones. I think he’s a little bit under the radar because he’s not super flashy, but he’s always making plays and will always be where he’s supposed to be.”

Texas WR Lil’Jordan Humphrey: “I like him a lot. I will say I’m interested to see how they use him.”

Texas Tech LB Johnathan Picone: “He’s football non-stop, all the time. Tech needed more guys who really put their face in there. I think he’s going to be special.”

West Virginia DE Reese Donahue: “He has a big motor. He comes from a good program, well-coached, never takes plays off.”

West Virginia LB Zach Sandwisch: “He’s a guy that got overlooked. I would have thought he would have gotten more [attention]. Player of the year in Ohio."