Big 12 mailbag: Expansion buzz, CFP format, league's best names

In this week's Big 12 Twitter mailbag, we discuss expansion, what would happen if I were in charge of the playoff and some of the best names in the conference.

On to the 'bag:

Trotter: In fairness to Texas Tech, Tommy Tuberville knew his job security was tenuous at best when he left for Cincinnati. And with all due respect to the  Tech basketball program, Memphis played for a national title in hoops just eight years ago. On the surface, both departures might not look good for Tech. But when really evaluated, they also make a lot of sense. Trotter: Kansas State LB Charmeachealle Moore, Baylor WR Lynx Hawthorne and Texas Tech QB Jett Duffey. Trotter: It might be, but I was with Snyder earlier in the week, and he's still going plenty strong even at 76. Big 12 title dark horse might be pushing it. But I definitely believe the Wildcats could be a threat to finish in the top half of the league with improved quarterbacking. Trotter: Too early for predictions, but at some point, Oklahoma is going to show up for that game, right? Texas has outplayed the Sooners across the board three straight years now. Trotter: Yes, it's been rather quiet lately regarding expansion, but that is about to change with spring meetings coming in May. A few things to point out: The Big 12 could vote to expand this summer but wait months to decide on who to add. Expansion could lead to an extension of the league's granting of TV rights by several more years (they expire in 2025), which obviously would help stabilize the league in the immediate future. And as far as potential expansion candidates, one school I keep hearing as a real contender, should the Big 12 expand, is the University of Connecticut. BYU and Cincinnati, among others, seem like obvious favorites. But Connecticut could be a real factor in the discussion should things heat up this summer. Trotter: Hopefully soon, Jenn! I was in Manhattan this past week, but unfortunately didn't have a chance to stop by. To you lay people out there, Nelson's Landing is a restaurant in Leonardville, Kansas, owned and operated by the family of former K-State great Jordy Nelson. And yes, the pie is no joke. Trotter: Uh, yes. Um, it was fun. Not right now, no. Zero fun, sir. Trotter: If I were the CFP czar, we'd have an eight-team playoff, comprising the champs of the Power 5 conferences, two at-large teams and then the Group of 5 team ranked the highest. I would stage the first four games on home sites then play the semis and title game in the bowls, like they do now. And to those of you objecting that would be too many games for the players, I would contract the regular season back to 11 games, with apologies to those of you out there who enjoy seeing Alabama play Charleston Southern every year. How could anyone be against my format, which allows every team in college football to earn its way into the playoff? Maybe they should make me the playoff czar. Trotter: I'm fairly certain the Aggies would find some way to duck that matchup -- just like they did Texas Tech last year.