Q&A: Kansas State LB Charmeachealle Moore

Charmeachealle Moore has high hopes for the linebacking corps, a group he thinks can be the best of all time at Kansas State. Scott Sewell/USA TODAY Sports

Few college football players have gone through more life events than linebacker Charmeachealle Moore has at Kansas State. Moore lost his father, who played football at Baylor, to a heart attack last year. He missed the entire 2014 season with a brain tumor. And on top of that, Moore is married and just recently had his second child.

Moore is healthy this spring and is hoping for a big senior year at K-State after coming on strong late last season. He recently took time to chat with ESPN.com, including about how the events in his life have impacted him:

You had 17 tackles, including the game-winning stop, in the win over West Virginia to close out last year's regular season. What has that done for you?

Moore: It made me hungry to get more tackles, hungry to do better. Play more as a defense and become a leader on the field, to stand up and demand the best out of everybody. I’m hungrier. I want more.

With starters Elijah Lee and Will Davis also coming back, what is the potential of this linebacking corps?

Moore: I think we’ll be the best we’ve ever been here before.

The best of all-time?

Moore: Of all-time. We’re coming out for the whole title.

How will measure that? Have you guys set certain goals?

Moore: We haven’t really set any goals. We’ve just said we want to be the best group. That’s what we say every day. Like coach Coach (Bill) Snyder always says, “Leave your stamp.”

You've been through a lot here these last couple of years. How have those experiences impacted you?

Moore: All my experiences have made me who I am today. I’ve persevered through things. I go through Coach Snyder’s 16 goals, never give up. I expect to overcome. Family, I wouldn’t have made it through without my family and God. And fighting. I’ve always been a fighter. Just fighting through.

Who specifically has helped you fight?

Moore: My wife and my mom and my sister. We’re all close. Those three, as well as my kids. I want to scratch the surface of what my father was; he was a great father. If I can just scratch the surface, (my kids) will come out great.

You have maybe the most unique first name in the Big 12, which was also the name of your father. What's the genesis of Charmeachealle?

Moore: I do not know. I ask my grandma that all the time, and she gives me weird stories. I can’t tell a reporter one of the stories. But she says she just came up with it.

I know some people call you "Mike." Which do you prefer?

Moore: I love Charmeachealle. That’s what I want to be called. I love it.

Coach Snyder has allowed you guys to listen to music during practice for the first time this spring. Were you surprised by the move?

Moore: Not really surprised. Coach Snyder is a great coach. If he feels it’s going to make the team better, he’s going to be all for it. It’s about talking to him the right way and bringing it to him the right way. So I wasn’t really surprised he would do it, because he knew we’d take advantage of it and make the most of it.

He admitted he actually likes some of the music. Have you caught him bobbing his head or anything to some of the songs?

Moore: Not yet, but since you said that, I’m going to have to look and see if he’s bobbing his head or anything. I’ll have to look for that.

Final question -- your favorite local place to eat at in Manhattan?

Moore: Mr. K’s (Cafe). The buffalo dip is great. Or Coco Bolos. I get the nachos there.