Big 12 post-spring position rankings: Recap

During the past two weeks, we did a post-spring reboot of our position rankings, evaluating individual position units in the Big 12 based on past performance, potential and overall depth.

Here is a recap of how each position group of every Big 12 team was ranked following the spring. This is not a power poll or how we would rank the teams overall, it’s simply a glimpse at how each team compares to the rest of the league at each position. Spring brought some changes, but expect each group to change even more during the summer, when the bulk of each program’s recruiting classes arrive and begin to make their marks.

Oklahoma: The Sooners ride No. 1 rankings at quarterback, running back, defensive line and defensive back to the top of the overall rankings. It’s easy to see why Oklahoma is likely to head into the season as the Big 12 favorite.

QB: 1; RB: 1; WR: 6; OL: 5; DL: 1; LB: 6; DB: 1; ST, 3.

Average: 3

TCU: Strong talent from top to bottom lands TCU in the No. 2 spot. The Horned Frogs defense should see dividends from having had to play an inexperienced bunch of defenders in 2015.

QB: 6; RB: 5; WR: 3; OL: 3; DL: 2; LB: 3; DB: 3; ST: 4.

Average: 3.6

Baylor: The Bears should have a strong offense yet again, but the defense has to prove itself Big 12-title worthy.

QB: 3; RB: 2; WR: 1; OL: 1; DL: 7; LB: 5; DB: 5; ST: 6.

Average: 3.8

Oklahoma State: The Cowboys have work to do at running back and offensive line but are within striking distance if those two spots improve.

QB: 4; RB: 8; WR: 2; OL: 6; DL: 5; LB: 4; DB: 2; ST: 1.

Average: 4

Texas: Charlie Strong has a talented team, but the lack of a passing game has been a problem for a while. Better quarterback play and a couple of receivers emerging would mean the sky is the limit for the Longhorns.

QB: 7; RB: 4; WR: 7; OL: 4; DL: 4; LB: 2; DB: 4; ST: 9.

Average: 5.1

Kansas State: It’s no surprise to see defense and special teams as the Wildcats' strength. An improved offense would do wonders.

QB: 9; RB: 9; WR: 9; OL: 7; DL: 3; LB: 1; DB: 7; ST: 2.

Average: 5.9

West Virginia: The Mountaineers defense took some steps forward during the spring but still needs to prove itself before West Virginia can rise up the rankings.

QB: 5; RB: 6; WR: 4; OL: 2; DL: 6; LB: 9; DB: 8; ST: 7.

Average: 5.9

Iowa State: The Cyclones have some talent at the skill positions but will need to improve in the trenches to make a run at a bowl game in Matt Campbell’s first season.

QB: 8; RB: 3; WR: 8; OL: 9; DL: 8; LB: 7; DB: 6; ST: 5.

Average: 6.8

Texas Tech: The Red Raiders should again have one of the Big 12’s top offenses but the defense must improve in Year 2 under coordinator David Gibbs.

QB: 2; RB: 7; WR: 5; OL: 8; DL: 9; LB: 10; DB: 10; ST: 8.

Average: 7.4

Kansas: It’s not pretty for the Jayhawks. The good news is that Kansas seems to be bringing in improved talent under coach David Beaty.

QB: 10; RB: 10; WR: 10; OL: 10; DL: 10; LB: 8; DB: 9; ST: 10.

Average: 9.6