Comparing Cincinnati with other Big 12 expansion candidates

Big things coming to the Big 12 (1:37)

ESPN's Jake Trotter provides some insight into the Big 12's annual spring meetings, breaks down the debate surrounding an expansion of the conference and discusses the potential for a championship game. (1:37)

With Big 12 meetings set to take place this week, it could be a busy (or quiet) week for the conference.

Expansion talks have grabbed headlines for much of the offseason with several candidates throwing their names into the ring. Jason Williams of the Cincinnati Enquirer takes a closer look at some of the Big 12 hopefuls in comparison to the University of Cincinnati.

Williams' story is a good review of some of the most talked-about candidates for potential expansion but it also reveals why adding teams may not be the best move right now.

Even as the buzz surrounding Big 12 expansion has increased, the quality of potential candidates remains constant. BYU is solid but comes with significant obstacles, while the other candidates each have pros and cons and may not add enough to make them worth bringing into the fold.

I've struggled to see the reason for expansion throughout this entire process and it becomes increasingly less likely without some traction on creating a conference network. Nonetheless, it's always good to explore all options before deciding which option is the best for the Big 12 moving forward.