Q&A: WR Reginald Davis on Texas Tech's deep group of wideouts

Texas Tech receiver Reginald Davis: "If you're a receiver, this is where you want to be. This is Receiver U, if you ask me." Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire

Texas Tech senior receiver Reginald Davis doesn’t get much hype, but he has scored 16 touchdowns over the course of his first three seasons in Lubbock. Davis is confident he’s about to have a big senior season, and he knows his quarterback will, too. We caught up with Davis after a practice this week to discuss his expectations for Patrick Mahomes, the Red Raiders’ deep group of receivers and more.

You’ve had three solid seasons at Texas Tech. Do you feel like this is the breakout year?

Reginald Davis: Yes, sir, I think this is the year. I feel like people should’ve been talking about me. I score a lot, but I don’t get many yards. I do give the fans something to watch.

Tell me about this season’s group of wide receivers.

Davis: It’s a group of talented people. Everybody can make plays. Every day we come out to practice and the competition is unreal. When one person goes and makes a catch, we cheer him on, but in our heads we’re thinking we’ve gotta go make a play. It keeps us competing. Lots of hungry people. If you’re a receiver, this is where you want to be. This is Receiver U, if you ask me. The ball’s coming in the air like it’s raining. I want some of them.

Who do you think is in for a breakout year from your group?

Davis: I’ll say Cameron Batson. He worked hard in the summer and won a lot of races. Then he came into fall camp and he’s been making a lot of plays. I feel like that’s going to be the guy to break out. He played behind Jakeem Grant, so he didn’t really have a chance to show it last season.

I’ve heard good things about freshman T.J. Vasher, too. What has he shown you guys?

Davis: He’s explosive. He can go up and get the ball. He’s a jumper. He’s just a guy that already knows the game, basically. (Former Texas Tech receiver) Eric Ward coached him up a lot ... so he knows a lot. He came in and jumped right into it and is doing great.

I’m guessing you’ve heard this one before: What is it like to play with Patrick Mahomes?

Davis: It’s great knowing you’ve got one of the best quarterbacks in the country throwing you the ball. Everybody looks up to him and admires him. To us, he’s just our quarterback and we’re trying to get better with him. Pat’s a guy where you can run your route short or stay in it too long and he’ll still hit you, just due to the fact he can roll out and scramble. He’ll get the ball to you regardless because he’s an athletic person. You’ve got to keep your head up, because you never know when he’s about to roll out. Gotta be ready to run across the field.

Do you think he got enough Heisman hype this offseason?

Davis: I think he’s going to win the Heisman, if you ask me. That’s my teammate and I see the potential he has. I think he’s gonna go ahead and do that. I think he can come out and do what he knows how to do and not let nothing worry him or get to him or stress him out while he’s on the field. That’s all it’ll take for him.

So what are your expectations for this offense, then? How would you compare this unit to last year’s offense?

Davis: I think it’s a lot different this year. We’re very versatile. You don’t have just a few guys making plays. You have a guy at every position who can make plays. We have so many people, so many targets. We’re four or five deep at every wideout position. It’s insane.

Lastly, congrats on graduating this summer. What did that accomplishment mean to you?

Davis: Thank you. It was a great honor to graduate from a great university like Texas Tech. My degree is in business administration and marketing. I really want to do some kind of sports marketing or something like that. Growing up, my mom didn’t go to college. My dad didn’t graduate from college. Just being able to graduate from college and get that degree, I can help my family out and make life a lot better.