Baylor spring game more 'game-like'

Baylor's spring game is set for Saturday, kicking off at 2 p.m. at the Highers Athletic Complex practice fields.

The Bears will be without both Robert Griffins for the game. Robert Griffin III, the quarterback, has been practicing this spring, but has been held out of team activities. He's still recovering from knee surgery to repair a torn ACL, and head coach Art Briles is taking no chances with his star quarterback, who played just three games in 2009 before the injury.

Robert T. Griffin, the offensive lineman, was scheduled to undergo shoulder surgery and miss the remainder of the spring.

"We've had a productive spring, and this team has had a chance to grow athletically," Briles said. "We've gotten better, and this is part of us taking the next step."

The first half of the game will be a controlled scrimmage, but the second half will feature more game-like situations.

"It will feel more like a game," Briles said.

Except for the whole "playing it on a practice field" thing. Student organizations will have a tailgating contest, and other fans can get hot dogs and schedule posters for free. Drinks are just a dollar.