KSU coach Snyder tears MCL, ACL

MANHATTAN, Kansas -- Notoriously stingy with his team's injury information, Kansas State coach Bill Snyder had no plans to disclose the latest injury to befall the Kansas State program.

But after admitting defeat to the Internet rumor mill, Snyder discussed an incident in an earlier spring practice that resulted in a torn ACL and MCL for the 70-year-old coach.

"I don’t know if you’ve ever had 600 pounds fall on your knee or not, but that’s what I did," Snyder said.

Prizzell Brown, a 265-pound defensive tackle and Ethan Douglas, a 295-pound offensive lineman, wrestled each other into their coach, said quarterback Carson Coffman.

"The youngster that ran into me certainly didn’t do it on purpose, and I feel bad because they feel bad," Snyder said.

Snyder said the injury didn't hurt at the time, and he got up after the collision, continuing with practice. After a more thorough examination, Snyder is contemplating surgery.

"Doctor jerked my leg around and said your golf game is over unless you have surgery," Snyder said. "But the last time I played golf was an awful long time ago."

Snyder mostly laughed off the injury, but did say it's provided him with a perspective he's lacked for the first two decades with the Wildcats.

"Unless you’ve ever experienced it, you don’t quite understand," Snyder said. "I never really understood, as hard as I tried to study it, exactly the kind of impact it can have on a young guy."

Coffman added that his coach isn't doing any rehab alongside the team in the training room. Even Monday, Coffman was unaware of the severity of the injury, and Snyder deflected an earlier question during his news conference about the incident.

"We’re going to do away with the Internet," Snyder said, admitting defeat, if only this time, to the information superhighway.