KSU's Snyder weighing surgery

Kansas State coach Bill Snyder wasn't very apt to let anyone know about his knee injury originally, but once word got out, the updates on his progress have been quite a bit easier to coax out of the Wildcats head man.

A pair of linemen ran into Snyder during a practice earlier this spring, tearing the ACL, MCL, and a third ligament in his knee.

"It really hasn’t been an issue," Snyder said. "There’s no pain with it, I haven’t really experienced that, unless you make a wrong turn, then it let’s you know it’s there. But it’s braced up and so I’m able to do what I’ve always been doing."

Snyder was amazed the injury came without pain, he says, but the 70-year-old was able to get back up after the collision and finish practice. He's still weighing his options on offseason surgery.

"I’m still getting some advice from the doctors in that respect and they want to wait and see where we are," Snyder said.

Doctors told Snyder his golf career was over if he didn't undergo surgery, but during his three-year retirement, he estimates he took to the links only three times. For the right price, there might be a new set of golf clubs on the market in Manhattan, Kan.

"My physical activity, daily routine, the things that I do, I can do without the surgery," Snyder said. "Now, if I were going to play pickup basketball games or play golf, then it will probably require that."

Guess that goes for his Air Jordans and headband, too.