Clarifying the distribution of withdrawal fees

The Big 12 will evenly distribute any revenue withdrawn from Colorado and Nebraska as part of the bylaws for leaving the conference.

Commissioner Dan Beebe referenced an offer by the five schools (Missouri, Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State and Baylor) not drawing interest from other BCS conferences to give Texas, Oklahoma and Texas A&M all of the Buffaloes' and Huskers' exit fees.

That spawned reports that the offer was agreed upon, which would contradict statements by Missouri AD Mike Alden and Texas AD DeLoss Dodds' on Tuesday afternoon.

Dodds, who spoke before Beebe on Tuesday, said this about any changes to the Big 12's current distribution, including the money from exit fees:

"We do not have any guarantees from the league or our northern partners. There have been reports that there's going to be a special deal for some of us using penalty money or other money," [Texas president Bill] Powers said. "We were not part of that. We have heard about that. … It was not part of our consideration and we oppose that kind of deal."

Later Tuesday, Alden added his own denial:

During Missouri’s news conference, Alden said, “There is no accuracy to that whatsoever.” Later, he continued by saying, “I haven’t heard that, and none of us in our league would believe that.”

But Big 12 spokesman Bob Burda confirmed to The Associated Press that all schools will share the withdrawal fees, and the discussion was simply a "good-faith offer."

There may be a dispute looming over Nebraska's withdrawal fee, however. During last Friday's news conference, Nebraska AD Tom Osborne said he didn't feel it was "appropriate" to impose the penalties spelled out in the conference bylaws on the Huskers for leaving.

Later Friday, Beebe said he was "curious" to hear Nebraska's case for the fees being lifted.