Naming Nebraska-Texas 2010

I definitely got a lot of responses for names of the Oct. 16 matchup between Nebraska and Texas, a game I say will -- at least this year -- be bigger than the Red River Rivalry.

We'll start with the weak ones and build up to some of the best -- and there are some good ones. Not unlike American Idol, there are also some terrible, and equally entertaining, suggestions.

Fred in Lincoln, Neb., wrote: "Antietam II" North vs South, Bloodiest single day in Civil War (maybe overblowing the significance of the game a little).

My take: Yeah, maybe juuuuuuuuust a little. The game will be big and the environment hostile. But I doubt the night will end with 23,000 fatalities as Antietam did.

Michael in College Station, Texas, wrote: UT/NU game: The unstoppable force VS the immovable object.

My take: I'm not even sure what that means. But you lose big points for a) a cliche and b) a nonsensical title. Last year's game was two immovable objects kicking balls over one another. I'd expect this year's game to be somewhat similar.

Tritonmonc in Houston, Texas, wrote: The Cash Clash... you know, since this is all about money anyway! haha

Pete Campbell in Bellevue, Neb., wrote: NU/TX game title:"EXACTLY 60 Minutes of Revenge!"

My take: These two just made me laugh. That second is never going to be forgotten in Nebraska, but obviously, too one-sided of a name.

SKYLER in Boulder, Colo., wrote: The "Who Cares Bro, Bowl" Because CU is gonna win 10 games with no excuses, because this is D-1 football it ain't intramurals brother.

My take: I smell an impostor Buffaloes fan.That claim sounds familiar.

John in Lincoln, Neb., wrote: The name of the game should be called The Blame Game

My take: This is a step in the right direction. Rolls off the tongue, makes sense, and gets to the point of what this whole game is about. It's been done before, but not a bad suggestion.

Josh in Midland, Texas, wrote: The Horn/Husker Hassle

My take: Not bad. But I can't see myself referring to this game as the Horn/Husker Hassle for the next three months.

Jeff in Council Bluffs, Iowa, wrote: Nebraska vs Texas 2010 name for the game: The Last Rodeo. It would be fun to see a picture of Herbie on the back of Bevo for Nebraska. or Bevo tossing Herbie in the air for Texas fans.

My take: Names that don't require logos are probably better, but this one is probably the best and easiest referential suggestion.

Jeremy in Columbia, S.C., wrote: Suggestions for the NU-UT game; The Prairie Home Confrontation- Play off the popular Prairie Home Companion. The Cattle Trail Collision- Both ends of the old cattle drive trails are anchored in Nebraska and Texas.

My take: I like it a lot. And there's at least a touch of resemblance between Tom Osborne and Garrison Keilor. But we can do better.

Ethan Pellatz in Plainview, Neb., wrote: This game sets up exactly like an old western movie, two rival gunslingers come into to town. The one shooter's motivation is to take revenge because the other one killed his brother or conference. The other shooter wants his man dead because he stole his woman or his Big 12 Championship. I think you get the analogy. The games for that reason should be named after one of Clint Eastwood's best westerns, "Unforgiven." The Unforgiven game or series depending on how the rest of the season plays out how that right sound of the loser not walking out alive. And what better symbolism could we choose than an old cattle town for Memorial Stadium.

My take: Pretty original, but maybe a little vague and too melodramatic. Time to get to the legitimate candidates ...

Steve Heinen in Tulsa, Okla., wrote: The Texas/Nebraska game needs a name that pertains to a nasty divorce or break-up, like: The Bad Break-Up Bowl, The Good Riddance Game, The Divorce Court Cup, The Woman Scorned War (exaclty who scorned who?) The Sayonara Shoot-Out

My take: I'll take your two best suggestions from that group: The simple, understated "Good Riddance Game" and "The Sayonara Shoot-Out." Those are going in the final few.

Blake in Omaha, Neb., wrote: For the NU v. UT game, let's call a spade a spade: The Quarrel at Memorial. The 10th Street Brawl. Osborne Field Fisticuffs.

My take: I love all of these -- but mostly the first two. We may have to vote on one.

Zach in Lincoln, Neb., writes: The name of the Texas-Nebraska game this year is pretty easy. The Big Beef. With Texas being the Longhorns and Nebraska producing the most beef in the U.S. I don't know how it could be anything but.

My take: Best suggestion yet. Plays off both states and works on two levels. Mos Def would be proud, but probably not approve of defining this year's game as beef.

Joey G in Chubbuck, Idaho, writes: Capitol Punishment Game -- since they are both capitol cities and they will both be basically dead to each other after this season

My take: Love this one, and it was one of my early favorites, but it's maybe a little over the top. To be clear, capitols reside in capitals, but we'll go with the "o" version, not to be confused with its namesake.

So, here's my final five, and I propose a vote:

  • The Quarrel at Memorial

  • The Big Beef

  • The Good Riddance Game

  • The Sayonara Shootout

  • Capitol Punishment

We've got a poll up over at SportsNation, so head over and cast your vote. We'll tally the results later on.