Big 12 superlatives

Best tie: Tie, Bill Snyder, Kansas State and Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State

Snyder wins in school spirit with a gray tie that featured a tiled watermark of the K-State Wildcat logo, but Gundy's bright orange was complemented by an orange handkerchief with white polka dots. Hard not to notice both.

Best proponent of democracy: Tommy Tuberville, Texas Tech, regarding his quarterback situation.

"At the end of the day we'll have a vote," Tuberville said to the media days attendants on Tuesday morning. "And we'll let you pick out the starter. That will make it a little easier on me."

Best thinly-veiled Big 12 criticism: Tommy Tuberville, Texas Tech

"Great to be back at a media day, out for a year working on you guys' side of the ball a little bit," he said, beginning to crack a smile. "In television, they taught us to speak our mind. I forgot to get that out of my mind a few weeks ago, so got to get back on the coaching side."

Best target for easy jokes: Missouri, who had air travel troubles and arrived for their turn at the podium 20 minutes late on Tuesday morning. ESPN's Pat Forde investigated the situation and debunked the rumor that the team had originally landed in Chicago for Big Ten media days. One hundred percent false.

Most convincing player/conference shill: Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe, on the future of his conference

"I can say this over and over again, and I still see many of you writing statements about not believing that this isn't really going to hold together. Other than just sitting here telling you that and you observing others in our league saying that, you're going to have to see it happen over time. I don't think, in the course of human affairs, that you go through this type of very careful exploration of your future and perhaps consider going to other places and then conclude you're going to be together and turn around and do it again in 24 months. There's just so much time, energy, effort and even some difficulty, that that doesn't lend itself to just quickly doing it again. Those decisions were made for the long term.

Least likely suggestion to occur: "I'm not sure what else we need to do. I guess we could get all the athletics directors and board members up here and sing Kumbaya, and maybe that would help some of you." -- Dan Beebe, Big 12 commissioner