Big 12 superlatives

IRVING, Texas -- A few Big 12 superlatives ...

Subtlest wood-knock: Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops on the podium, after uttering the following sentence about the team's injury troubles.

"You've got to believe that could never happen again."

Best cordial gesture: Dan Beebe, Big 12 commissioner.

With Texas coach Mack Brown stuck at the podium for an informal Q&A with reporters for over 15 minutes, Beebe poked his head over the huddle of scribes: "Coach, you need an offensive lineman to follow out of this thing? Even if it's an old offensive lineman? I can block my way out of here," he said.

Brown replied, "I gotcha. I may need it in a minute."

Fewest offseason slot machine pulls: Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops, after being hit with a rash of injuries in 2009.

"I didn't go to Vegas last year after the season, I know that."

Most influential former coach: Tom Osborne, Nebraska.

Both Texas coach Mack Brown and Kansas coach Turner Gill tabbed the Nebraska AD as someone they looked up to.

Said Gill: "Tom Osborne was great in relating with people, a lot of ideals and things that he did with the football program that I really believed in."

Said Brown: "As a young coach growing up in a coaching family, I looked at coaches across the country that I admired and wanted to be like, and Coach Osborne is one of those guys. I've enjoyed him. I've gone to visit there. I've watched Nebraska practice. He helps me in so many ways. A lot of what we do was modeled after him when he was in the Big 8 at Iowa State and at Oklahoma."

Best correction: Mack Brown, in response to a question about this year's "OU-Texas" game

"You mean the Texas-OU game?" he interrupted.

Best fulfilled promise: Oklahoma linebacker Travis Lewis

Lewis mentioned this spring he planned on growing a mohawk, and it was on full display on Wednesday, gelled and styled.