Fun with APR scores!

The NCAA released its Academic Progress Rate (APR) scores by coach last week, and here's how they line up in the Big 12.

If you know much about the APR (and few do), you know it's complicated. I don't pretend to understand it, but hey, it's quantifiable, and I know that a 925 score translates to about a 60 percent graduation rate.

Anything below 925 can result in NCAA penalties to a program, and anything below 900 can result in big-time "historical sanctions" like reduction in financial aid and postseason bans, reminding everyone that while these games are pretty awesome, it's still about those athletes trying to get educations.

You can look up any coach from any Division I school in several sports on the NCAA's searchable database.

It's worth noting that the average score for all Division I teams is 944. A perfect score is 1000.

Here are the APR scores by coach for the 2008-09 academic year, before coaching changes at Kansas and Texas Tech:

1. Art Briles, Baylor - 985

2. Gary Pinkel, Missouri - 977

3. Mike Leach, Texas Tech - 962

4. Bob Stoops, Oklahoma - 961

5. Mack Brown, Texas - 959

6. Mark Mangino, Kansas - 954

7. Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State - 941

8. Bo Pelini, Nebraska - 934

9. Dan Hawkins, Colorado - 931

10. Mike Sherman, Texas A&M - 905

11. Bill Snyder, Kansas State - 902

12. Paul Rhoads, Iowa State - 889