Cyclones QB tweeting flood photos

Iowa State players spent their morning sandbagging the Jacobson Athletic Center, but quarterback Austen Arnaud took some afternoon time to snap some photos from around campus and post them via his Twitter account, @Austen_4.

Here are a few selections.

Additionally, here's video from the athletic department from around campus and inside the Hilton Coliseum, where the basketball floor is under several feet of water.

  1. Austen_4

    Austen_4 http://tweetphoto.com/38245772 south duff... #struggle

  2. Austen_4

    Austen_4 http://tweetphoto.com/38253985 lincoln way and university

  3. Austen_4

    Austen_4 http://tweetphoto.com/38254217 hilton coliseum... mannn

  4. Austen_4

    Austen_4 http://tweetphoto.com/38256614 skateboard park under, this is brookside park all you can see on the sign is the name.. waters up!

  5. Austen_4

    Austen_4 Only team practicing thru a disaster... #bluecollar