Huskers hop OU in both polls

The coaches and media polls were released on Tuesday, and while Texas, Nebraska and Oklahoma all stayed in the top 10, the Huskers slid above Oklahoma.

Clearly, voters didn't take well to Oklahoma's poor opening-game performance against Utah State.


5. Texas (1)

6. Nebraska

10. Oklahoma

Receiving votes:

34. Missouri

36. Kansas State

38. Texas A&M

39. Oklahoma State

41. Texas Tech


4. Texas

7. Nebraska

10. Oklahoma

Receiving votes:

31. Oklahoma State

34. Missouri

40. Texas Tech

44. Texas A&M

51. Kansas State

I wrote this morning in my power rankings that teams 4-8 (which I ranked Missouri, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Kansas State and Oklahoma State) in the Big 12 were very close and very interchangeable. The variance in the polls suggests both the media and coaches agree.