Big 12 power rankings: Week 5

A little movement in the spots you'd expect, while other spots stayed static where you might not expect.

Here are last week's rankings for comparison.

And here's how the Big 12 shakes out through four weeks.

1. Oklahoma (4-0, Last week: 1) It's still close, but Oklahoma's proven more from week-to-week than Nebraska. Air Force and Florida State are fringe top 25 teams. Nebraska still has yet to play anyone at that level.

2. Nebraska (4-0, LW: 3) Huskers didn't look like a title contender, but they got the win and picked a good game to have a bad day. It's definitely a good week to sit around on Saturday and let Texas and Oklahoma sort out the top of the Big 12.

3. Texas (3-1, LW: 2) Saturday was bad. Really bad. But let's not overreact. Texas already proved it was a cut above Texas Tech and everyone below them on these rankings is pretty unproven. Kansas State is winning games (including one over UCLA) ugly, but they haven't looked like a top 25 team.

4. Oklahoma State (3-0, LW: 5) The Cowboys have a big chance to take a step toward the top of the Big 12 South with a win over Texas A&M on Thursday night with the country watching.

5. Texas Tech (2-1, LW: 4) Let's just say Texas is to Texas Tech as Virginia Tech is to Boise State. I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt after hanging tough with the Longhorns, but after Texas' performance the following week, maybe the Red Raiders defense isn't as good as we thought. Either way, it's close between them and the Cowboys, but the undefeated team rises back to the top this week.

6. Kansas State (4-0, LW: 6) Kansas State survived a terrible first half against UCF, but how long can the Wildcats keep end up on the winning end? Bill Snyder's boys have trailed in the fourth quarter twice already this season, and needed two late drives to hold off UCLA in Week 1.

7. Missouri (4-0, LW: 7) The Tigers notched a good win over Miami (Ohio), but nobody above them did anything to merit movement. Missouri hardly "coasted" to 4-0, coming back from second-half deficits twice, but they're still undefeated and look like a North contender.

8. Texas A&M (3-0, LW: 8) The gap between the Aggies at No. 8 and the Cowboys at No. 4 is pretty small, and the Aggies get a chance to prove it in Stillwater on Thursday night. A win would be a big step for the program and the Aggies don't have to worry about style points for the first time all season. Just win, baby.

9. Iowa State (2-2, LW: 9) The offense scoring just 13 points is a concern, but Austen Arnaud played only sparingly. The flip side is the defense pitching a shutout (Side note: That's impressive against anyone, I don't care if it was Northern Iowa. It means you went 60 minutes with no big, costly mistakes.) and scoring two defensive touchdowns is a great sign for the Cyclones moving forward.

10. Baylor (3-1, LW: 10) Solid win over Rice last week, but games like this Saturday's against Kansas are the kinds that the Bears absolutely cannot lose if they want to go to a bowl game.

11. Colorado (2-1, LW: 11) Georgia looks very, very beatable on its way to Boulder. It will probably arrive very, very angry. We'll see which wins out on Saturday.

12. Kansas (2-2, LW: 12) The Jayhawks finally proved they could do what every other team in the Big 12 has now done: Beat a bad team convincingly.