Big 12 predictions: Week 5

Thanks, Texas. You've now joined Kansas in hijacking perfect weeks with unlikely upsets.

Overall: 39-3

Last week: 7-1

This should get quite a bit tougher now that we've hit conference play, but let's get to this week's picks:

Texas A&M 31, Oklahoma State 30: You could reason this out about 10 different ways for either team, but Oklahoma State's young offensive line hasn't seen a front seven like Texas A&M is bringing to Stillwater. The Aggies defense has the experience. Texas A&M learns from those experiences, mucks up the running game and pressures Brandon Weeden enough to earn the upset and a valuable, early road win.

Baylor 34, Kansas 24: Kansas' offense took a big step last week, but Baylor holds home field against the Jayhawks. Kansas still ranks in the bottom half of the Big 12 in every offensive statistic and a conference road game isn't the likeliest place for a team relying on so many young players to take a second step in the right direction.

Oklahoma 21, Texas 17: See more on my pick of the week in a video later this afternoon. I'll be at the Cotton Bowl on Saturday.

Georgia 30, Colorado 21: Georgia coach Mark Richt says receiver A.J. Green practiced harder during his suspension than he ever has before. That'll pay off on Saturday for the Bulldogs, who are 1-3 but their worst loss came on the road in conference play without Green to an improving Mississippi State team. Colorado has talented corners, but one man isn't going to stop Green. The safety help won't be enough to send a desperate Georgia team to 1-4.

Texas Tech 31, Iowa State 17: Iowa State's secondary is criminally underrated, but Texas Tech takes advantage of the inexperienced front seven with Baron Batch, who tops 100 yards for the first time this season.