Turner Gill defends players' female curfew

Kansas coach Turner Gill requires his players to hand in their cell phones 24 hours before game time and the players' manual states that team members are not allowed to be with women after 10 p.m.

There's probably a reason that the rule didn't go public until a report in the Lawrence Journal-World over a week ago, nine months after he first took the job and made his introduction to his new team: He says the policy is "not that big of a deal."

"It's just teaching them discipline," Gill said. "Everything that we do is all about disciplining our guys and preparing them for life with football and preparing them for life without football. It's just part of our makeup."

Gill admitted the policy "could" hurt him in recruiting, but don't expect the rules to change.

"It's really just a situation of trying to teach guys how to do things in a proper way and be respectful to women and be respectful to everything we do in society," Gill said. "It's teaching people all about things about life. ... I explained it to our players and we've done things in the right way."