Baylor's Griffin gives up track to focus on football

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

Baylor sophomore quarterback Robert Griffin has decided to give up track this spring in order to concentrate on developing his football skills.

Baylor coach Art Briles said that Griffin has added about 10 pounds in order to better withstand pounding as a quarterback. Griffin plans to weigh about 210 pounds as he begins his second season as the Bears' starter.

"He's chosen at this point, not to run track this spring so he can continue to progress as a football player ... to become as explosive a football player as he can possibly be," Briles said. "That to me shows a lot of vision for Robert -- a lot of focus -- and then a lot of team togetherness. Because what he's doing is sacrificing an opportunity to defend his Big 12 title in the 400 hurdles for this team and other players on this team.

"That's part of being a great leader and that's what makes Robert what he is. He's a person that has vision, has focus and has the respect of our players by his leadership."

After going through spring football last season, Griffin won the Big 12 400-meter hurdles championship in May with a time of 49.22 seconds -- third-fastest in the nation. He later finished third in the NCAA outdoor meet. And Griffin has openly talked about trying to compete in the Olympics later in his career.

I wouldn't bet against him. But I think his dreams of taking the Bears to their first bowl game since 1994 are more immediate and more pressing than his track aims -- at least at this point in his career.