Feldman picks the Big 12

ESPN Senior Writer Bruce Feldman doled out a few picks today, with plenty of input on the weekend in the Big 12. You'll need Insider to see his full thoughts, but here's who he's got this weekend.

A reminder, these are not my picks. My picks were posted this morning.

Texas 49, Iowa State 9. I see the UT offense building off the momentum from the Nebraska game and carving up a team that has trouble putting heat on the passer.

My take: That's about what I had, but I'll believe Texas' offense can score 49 points when I see it. I do feel confident that Texas' defense has figured out how to fix whatever went wrong earlier in the season. According to them, it was a lot of self-inflicted mistakes. It seems like they've fixed them.

Nebraska 31, Oklahoma State 23. The Cowboys' offense has been outstanding, but this is, by far, the best defense they've seen this season. I think Bo Pelini's team bounces back from all of the mental mistakes against Texas and wins at the line of scrimmage, while Taylor Martinez and the Husker skill talent exploit the country's No. 92 D.

My take: Agree completely. Cornerback Prince Amukamara and Martinez change the game in favor of the Huskers. Kendall Hunter gets his, but it's not enough to knock off the Huskers. Brandon Weeden will get hit this week more than he has all year, except for maybe the first half against Texas A&M.

Baylor 38, Kansas State 27. Taylor Martinez had a national coming-out party against K-State and Baylor QB Robert Griffin, another blazer, will have a huge game on them, too. The Cats are just 115th against the run and will struggle in their first trip outside the state.

My take: I actually didn't realize this was the Wildcats first time out of Kansas, but what do the Bears get if they sweep both Kansas teams? An honorary Sunflower?

Oklahoma 35, Missouri 28. Gary Pinkel is 0-6 against OU and it'll be fascinating to see how the Tigers, who really have been off the radar thus far, respond to the national spotlight. Mizzou's D is No. 2 in the country in scoring D, but it hasn't seen anything like the talent it will from OU. The Tigers did do a good job containing some athletic receivers at A&M, but I think Ryan Broyles and OU will be too much for them in the second half. I do expect fiery Mizzou QB Blaine Gabbert to play very well and keep things interesting though.

My take: I'm really interested to see how much the dynamic changes from this Missouri team to the 2008 team vs. Oklahoma. There are actually several Sooners on this year's team (DE Jeremy Beal, RB DeMarco Murray, WR Ryan Broyles, RB Mossis Madu, LB Travis Lewis, DE Frank Alexander, DT Adrian Taylor) who contributed to that 2008 squad. In other words, the vast majority of the team's impact players on both sides of the field, though Murray was hurt very early in the game on a kickoff return. Looking over Missouri's roster, the only guys who had any real impact on that game were offensive linemen Elvis Fisher and Tim Barnes, as well as several defensive backs, namely corners Carl Gettis and Kevin Rutland, as well as safety Kenji Jackson. It's ridiculous to suggest Missouri is "scared" of Oklahoma, but I'm intrigued at how much more confident this group will look out of the gate, having never endured any previous losses to Oklahoma, unlike that 2008 team.