Record turnout for 'College GameDay'

Nebraska won't be taking its "College GameDay" attendance record to the Big Ten when it leaves at the end of the season.

Missouri brought 18,000 fans out to the Francis Quadrangle Saturday morning, breaking the Huskers' previous record of 15,800. Saturday was the first time hosting the show for the school, and the fan turnout reflected that.

You saw the crowd on TV. Here's what it looked like from the top of Jesse Hall, the school's administration building on the south end of the quad.

I got there for the entire three-hour show, and it was a pretty active audience for all three hours and the great morning was made a whole lot better by the great weather. There was a little rain during the first hour, but the skies cleared and it's a gorgeous day here outside Faurot Field with kickoff about seven hours away.