Sherman: Jerod-Eddie will play Thursday

Despite an ugly incident on a pile after a fumble recovery by Nebraska's Ben Cotton, Texas A&M defensive lineman Tony Jerod-Eddie will play against Texas on Thursday, Aggies coach Mike Sherman said on Monday.

Immediately after Texas A&M's 9-6 win over Nebraska, video circulated of Jerod-Eddie engaging in what Sherman called "extracurricular activity" in the pile, and Cotton was flagged for a personal foul and unsportsmanlike conduct on the play.

"I don't have time to look at YouTubes and what not, but I heard something about it, I asked the player about it, and he said there was some extracurricular activity on the pile, and I said 'That's not what we're about, that's not what we coached you to do,' and he agreed," Sherman said. "He's really remorseful about it, and I said I don't want to see it again. The results and the consequences of that are between me and that player. It's been addressed."