Bo Pelini quashes Miami rumors

Nebraska coach Bo Pelini issued a release on Friday denying he had any plans of leaving Lincoln for Miami.

"The reports that I am preparing to interview at the University of Miami are false," Pelini said in a joint statement with athletic director Tom Osborne. "I will not have any additional comment on this matter or any other rumors."

Osborne continued: "Bo has done an excellent job of leading our football program at Nebraska over the past three years. We’re looking forward to having Bo and our coaching staff lead our team in the Holiday Bowl and as we transition into the Big Ten next year."

Pelini also canceled his team's scheduled media availability on Friday following a practice for the Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl against Washington on Dec. 30, presumably to give the story time to blow over (which it will, as soon as the next candidate's name surfaces). His team will be available again for questions on Monday.

I suppose if you wanted, you could read pretty deep into Pelini's statement and come up with all kinds of questions. (Maybe he already interviewed? Maybe he's preparing to interview for a different job. Florida? Hey, talking to schools isn't the same as "interviewing!") That mostly seems like a waste of time. If Pelini had any doubts about his future in Lincoln, Nebraska never would have issued its release.

Overanalyze syntax and diction all you'd like, but this was as effective a statement as any to make it clear he wasn't going to Miami, and Osborne's follow-up makes him sound pretty confident that Pelini will be Nebraska's coach in 2011 and beyond.

I mentioned on Twitter that if Nebraska really wanted to get one last jab in at the Big 12, it could have had Pelini issue an "unequivocal commitment" to Nebraska. Though I doubt that crossed their mind, the entertainment value would have certainly been high.

It stops short of being what I'd consider an "unequivocal commitment" anyway, but Nebraska fans can breathe quite a bit easier over the weekend, knowing its coach is spending his time preparing for Round 2 against Jake Locker and not considering taking his talents to South Beach.