Big 12 title game drew big ratings

Oklahoma's win against Nebraska in the Big 12 title game was the season's fourth most-watched college football broadcast.

It drew 8,981,000 viewers, and only the SEC Championship, Auburn-Alabama and Boise State-Virginia Tech were bigger draws in 2010.

Considering that all three games above it had what appeared to be major BCS Championship Game implications at the time, that spot is a little surprising. Oklahoma and Nebraska had plenty of off-field intrigue, but weren't playing for much more on the field than a spot in the Fiesta Bowl.

Perhaps if the regular-season ratings can't match that in 2011, Bo Pelini's statement about the Big 12 Championship returning eventually could come true.

The seventh most-watched broadcast of the season was an ABC regionalized broadcast that featured both Oklahoma-Oklahoma State and Notre Dame-USC.

Additionally, that morning's broadcast of "College GameDay" from the campus of Oklahoma State was the season's most-watched episode, with 2.4 million viewers.