Weeden, Blackmon will affect beyond 2011

Mike Gundy made it clear earlier this week that he was waiting to hire his new offensive coordinator until quarterback Brandon Weeden and receiver Justin Blackmon had made their decision about the NFL draft.

The implicit reason why? Perhaps it's obvious, but that vacancy is a whole lot more attractive if a coordinator gets to run his offense with the Big 12's best quarterback and the nation's best receiver than if he's doing it with a first-year starter, possibly a freshman, and a patchwork group of receivers.

Dana Holgorsen is gone. He's made his way to West Virginia after helping the Cowboys win 11 games -- the most successful season in school history.

On Wednesday, flashing big smiles, Weeden and Blackmon announced they would be staying at Oklahoma State for the 2011 season, rather than leave for the NFL.

They didn't say it, but with a defense that made improvements over the second half of the season, Weeden and Blackmon's announcement also served as notice that Oklahoma State would once again be a contender for the Big 12 title.

But that's just 2011. Weeden and Blackmon's decision could have a major impact on the future of Oklahoma State football, perhaps well beyond 2011. We'll find out the name of the new offensive coordinator soon, but there's a good chance it will be more attractive than if Weeden and Blackmon had said bye-bye.

Weeden is definitely gone after 2011, his eligibility will expire. Blackmon will likely be gone, but will have to make another decision this time next year.

Barring a meteoric, Holgorsen-like rise and subsequent coaching gig, their coordinator will still be sticking around Stillwater after Weeden and Blackmon are gone. Oklahoma State's program could end up in much better shape in the long-term because of their decisions to stay. That's not even considering any recruiting coups that may occur if the Cowboys have another solid season in 2011.

There's plenty of offensive talent behind Weeden and Blackmon, hidden names that could become household names.

We saw receiver Michael Harrison and running back Joseph Randle in spots throughout the 2010 season. Quarterback J.W. Walsh and running back Herschel Sims haven't taken a snap yet, but will get their chances in the future.

Thanks to Blackmon and Weeden, they should be in very good hands.