Three Big 12 games move from Saturday

The entire Big 12 schedule isn't official yet, but it's coming into form. On Tuesday, three Big 12 games were moved for television, and Texas A&M also released its entire schedule.

Here's when to catch the three games moved from Saturday.

  • Friday, Sept. 2: TCU at Baylor, 8 p.m. ET, ESPN

  • Sunday, Sept. 4: SMU at Texas A&M, 7:30 p.m. ET, Fox Sports Net

  • Friday, Nov. 18: Oklahoma State at Iowa State, 9 p.m. ET, ESPN2

That's a pretty full slate on the opening weekend. There's no Thursday game this year like last year, when Iowa State kicked off the season against Northern Illinois, but we're set for three nights of Big 12 football on the opening weekend preceding Labor Day. I love to see that.

Will I be able to attend all three, with a Saturday stop somewhere else in Texas? I make no promises, but that'd be a heck of a kickoff to the season, no?

For Iowa State, it's a great move. The Cyclones hadn't been on an ESPN network since 2006, and this season, they'll be on twice. Iowa State travels to UConn for a Friday night game against the Huskies on Sept. 16 that will be on ESPN or ESPN2.

Hosting Oklahoma State, who also played a road game against Louisiana-Lafayette on a Friday night last year, should be nothing new for the Cowboys, but it might be a pretty chilly game. Mid-November night kickoffs in Ames, Iowa tend to follow that trend.

Some fans might not like the Friday games, which perhaps give off an "amateur" vibe, but the tangible effects to a team's reputation after playing on Friday are pretty minimal. Being on TV is better than not being on TV. Period. And down the line, it means more money. The trade-off is well worth it.