Big 12: Prepare for a recognizable voice

Big 12 football games will now feature a voice fans can hear (and recognize) from the parking lot.

The Big 12's new television deal with Fox allowed for games to be broadcast on FX, a network owned by Fox. Fox's newest acquisition means one of college sports' most recognizable voices will be behind the mic for regular games this year, as well as the Cotton Bowl.

Gus Johnson, the man whose quality catchphrases are exceeded by only by the volume at which he exclaims them, joined the team on Tuesday.

He'll also call a pair of games on the Big Ten Network and be on the lead team for Pac-12 games on Fox along with his new partner, Charles Davis.

"Being able to call play-by-play for the nation’s premier collegiate football conferences like the Big Ten, Pac-12 and Big 12 is a tremendous honor and I can’t wait to get started! Is it August yet?" Johnson said in a release.

Johnson gained a following that's grown in recent years for his work during the NCAA tournament, injecting his energy into games and becoming one of the sport's most beloved voices.

Johnson is best known for his work during The Big Dance, but he's also called NFL games for CBS since 1998.

This is welcome news for anyone who has followed Gus' career. I'm sure I'm not the only one who keys up compilations of his classic calls on YouTube in anticipation of the tournament every year.