Where should the Big 12 expand?

I'll be clear before we start this discussion: The Big 12 is not looking to expand.

Everyone associated with the league has repeated it ad nauseum over the past year since Nebraska and Colorado announced they were leaving.

But Big 12 expansion is still a topic of conversation.That's natural for a league that's existed with 12 teams since its inception and will embark on its first year with 10 teams this fall.

Should the league expand? That's definitely a debatable point, and the majority of you believe the Big 12 will eventually expand. Expansion becoming a reality is slowed by a lack of possibilities that make complete sense. Whether it be proximity, size or money, there's questions about any program that could eventually join the Big 12.

I hear lots of suggestions, but I don't think we've ever gotten an idea of which ones are supported most by the fans in the event that expansion becomes a realistic possibility in the future.

Each of the schools on this list have been discussed at some point on the blog, and some are better than others, but I'll leave it up to you to decide.

It's probably safe to assume if the Big 12 expands, it will do it by two teams. I put them into natural pairings for the voting process, but if you think another pairing that isn't listed works well, send your suggestions to my mailbag. We'll examine the results and more on this next week.