Big 12 to discuss paying athletes more

The Big Ten announced at its spring conference meetings this week that it discussed giving athletes more money, but the league isn't the only one.

The Big 12 will do the same at its meetings in Kansas City from May 31-June 3, commissioner Dan Beebe told ESPN on Thursday.

"This is a topic that BCS commissioners discussed at recent meetings and one that we agreed to review with our respective member institutions at spring conference meetings," he said, "which I intend to do at the upcoming annual Big 12 meetings."

ACC commissioner John Swofford said his league will do the same. New NCAA president Mark Emmert and SEC commissioner Mike Slive said they are also in favor of a review that could lead to athletes receiving a "full cost of attendance."

Generally, I've always held the belief that paying athletes causes more problems than it solves, but college football's recent trend of money-based scandals has forced the issue to the forefront.

Where will the money come from? How will schools with smaller budgets adjust to the change versus those with larger budgets? No doubt, college sports conferences have and will discuss those and more over the summer.

Whatever pay plan emerges, whether it be an increased stipend or the previously mentioned "full cost of attendance" plan, it should be well thought out, and those stages look like they're just beginning.