Colt McCoy's wife talks agents, boosters

ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd spent a segment of his show today talking Jim Tressel, but got a surprising, unprompted phone call.

It was Colt McCoy's wife Rachel, who spent around six minutes on the air with Cowherd talking about how boosters and agents would try to contact McCoy, often with offers of things like a free meal or a hunting trip.

You can hear the full interview here.

Rachel McCoy, near the end of the interview, had this to say:

"Colt did not himself have as much interaction [with agents], I don't think. I know he was approached quite a bit, but you know how Colt is, he can just kind of brush it off and just kind of move on and not go down that road, but I saw so many of his teammates who just, they maybe didn't have some of that self-control just to be able to say no to somebody. I can't. That's not my personality, I don't want to hurt people's feelings."