Iowa State approves plans for new facility

The state board of regents approved plans for construction of a new football training facility, the university announced on Wednesday.

Construction on the building, expected to cost $20.6 million, will begin this summer, and is expected to be completed by fall 2012.

"From both a daily operational standpoint as well as a recruiting perspective, the new facility is a major upgrade for our football team," Iowa State athletic director Jamie Pollard said. "We are eager to get started with construction of a building that will be a great addition to our facilities portfolio and an aesthetically pleasing addition to the Bergstrom Athletic Building."

According to the Des Moines Register, the structure will be financed by bonds and private money and is not dependent on future donations.

Training facilities are currently located in the overcrowded Jacobson and Olsen buildings, structures adjacent to Jack Trice Stadium, according to a proposal presented to the board. The buildings also house football operations offices, meeting rooms and locker rooms.

You can see a rendering of the building here.

Iowa State is already building a new video board that will tower above the Jacobson building in the North end zone, and this newest addition should be a good one for the athletic department.

"We won’t have to be as gaudy or as big (as other programs), but I won’t feel like I have to backseat to anybody when I walk anybody through it or go to teach them, train them or rehab them,” coach Paul Rhoads told the Ames Tribune.