Texas AD pipes up after McCoy interview

Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds released a statement on Wednesday, a day after Colt McCoy's wife made controversial comments on ESPN Radio.

"We take compliance very seriously at Texas," Dodds said in the statement. "We have procedures in place that enable our coaches, student-athletes and administrators to make the right choices. We are performing our due diligence as always to make certain there are no outstanding compliance issues."

On Tuesday, Rachel McCoy called in unprompted to Colin Cowherd's show on ESPN Radio, and did a six-minute interview, touching on her husband's experience with both agents and boosters, explaining how often he had to turn them down, but intimating that his teammates did not do the same.

"Colt did not himself have as much interaction [with agents], I don't think. I know he was approached quite a bit, but you know how Colt is, he can just kind of brush it off and just kind of move on and not go down that road, but I saw so many of his teammates who just, they maybe didn't have some of that self-control just to be able to say no to somebody. I can't. That's not my personality, I don't want to hurt people's feelings."

McCoy's point was to explain that boosters and agents, in pursuit of relationships with players, had to be better controlled on campus, but her comments have produced a controversy during the usually docile college football summer.