Is a KU-Mark May showdown at ESPN afoot?

Another chapter of the KU-Mark May saga was written on the latest episode of College Football Live, when May accepted a challenge from Kansas receivers Daymond Patterson and A.J. Steward to debate or compete in any number of sports.

Patterson and Steward issued their challenge in a video response to a quip by May on Thursday's episode of "College Football Live."

"We'll debate you in any sport, any topic that you wanna do," Patterson said. "We'll change the show just for you from 'D.P. and A.J. take on KU' to 'D.P. and A.J. take on Mark May.' Debate me. We're calling you out, Mark."

On Friday's show, May accepted their challenge with a lengthy monologue at the end of the show.

"I may be over the hill but I’m not down in the valley. I played in the Pro Bowl, a couple of Super Bowls and a College Football Hall of Famer. I can still probably challenge you. Swimming, bowling, tennis, poker and golf, so I’ll take those challenges.

And, finally, I think I'll take the challenge that you guys put out there. Do you know what the bully pulpit is? Let me give you a little 411 information. Teddy Roosevelt started off the bully pulpit back at The White House. That is the most powerful desk in the United States.

This is the college football bully pulpit, and I am sitting at it. I will take your challenge, I will accept your challenge, and guess what? I think we should do it right here on Final Verdict. Let’s get judge Rece Davis to come in and preside over your case.

Let’s go ahead and debate any sport you’d like. It could be badminton, it could be basketball. It doesn’t matter, because you know what? I accept your challenge.

Rock. Chalk. Jayhawk."

Nothing's official just yet, but Patterson, Steward and their coach, Turner Gill, could be headed for Bristol, Conn., soon.

"Come on up to Bristol. Just tell me when you’re available. Any time between now and summer training camp," May said, adding that he gave them an "A for effort and ingenuity" on their video response, which was shot as a fake press conference.

I'd like to see this debate happen in the faux courtroom that closes every Saturday episode of "College Football Final." I'm sure most other college football fans would like to see it, too.

Here's hoping it happens.