Tallying up the Big 12 and award lists

Two weeks of award watch lists being rolled out every day are over, and it's time to tally 'em up. How does your team sit heading into 2011?

Let's have a look. First off, if you missed the lists, here are all 15 for the Big 12:

1. Texas A&M -- 17

1. Oklahoma -- 17

3. Oklahoma State -- 16

4. Texas -- 12

5. Missouri -- 11

6. Baylor -- 6

6. Iowa State -- 6

8. Texas Tech -- 3

8. Kansas -- 3

10. Kansas State -- 2

There are 21 major awards, but only 15 release preseason watch lists.

A couple things immediately jump out, past the fact that it's a pretty reasonable representation for what the Big 12 standings could look like at year's end.

There's quite the sharp drop-off beyond the top half of the league.

Call these award watch lists meaningless all you want. No one's going to argue, and plenty of people will listen when you tell them Justin Blackmon wasn't on the Biletnikoff Award watch list last year and won it by a solid margin. But this is still a solid reflection of which teams have players among the best at their positions, and which teams have a wide base of guys who enter the season as big-time contributors.

One final note: Texas had 12 players make lists. Obviously, every team's top players made more than one list, but the Longhorns had just one player (Mike Davis, Biletnikoff Award) make an offensive list.