Looking ahead to Big 12 Media Days

I love Big 12 Media Days for a handful of reasons, chief among them is it's finally some concrete evidence that the upcoming season will, in fact, happen.

It's usually a fun few days, although it will be shorter this year with a new set up of five teams per day in two days, rather than four teams over three days.

I'm looking forward to someone stealing the show -- on the podium for coaches or in the one-on-one room with players. There are a lot of personalities across the league that haven't been given much face time with the cameras, and we might get a look at some budding stars across the league raise their profiles during the week simply by being themselves.

Missouri receiver T.J. Moe (always entertaining, of course) and Brandon Weeden jump out as a couple guys who should do well in the media days setting, which always inevitably includes repetitive questions that players may start to have fun with as the day moves on.

Expect lots of talk about the new Big 12 and loads of questions from everyone about the new division-less world the players exist in, as well as thoughts on not seeing the Blackshirts or Colorado anymore. And this week, the Big 12's Kumbaya choruses have been justifiably interrupted by Texas A&M's regents, who will meet Thursday to discuss the Longhorn Network. The channel's existence was tolerated, but the addition of a second Texas football game--which will be a Big 12 Conference game--and the prospect of broadcasting high school games featuring players Texas is recruiting, has caused discomfort among the Longhorns' rival and refueled the fires and hopes of Aggies fans who wanted to make the jump to the SEC last summer.

But really, the personalities of coaches and players fuel the week of media days, and the folks that can best answer questions about issues like that won't be in attendance.

Oklahoma linebacker Travis Lewis (a man born to be on camera) will be on site, as will fellow big personality Robert Griffin III, Baylor's quarterback.

But there are plenty of players who could join them as personalities. Iowa State linebacker Jake Knott and offensive tackle Kelechi Osemele are both worth getting to know, and Kansas linebacker Steven Johnson should get plenty of questions about his unique rise to become the Jayhawks leading tackler. Kansas State linebacker Arthur Brown should get plenty of attention as a wild card loaded with potential, and I'd expect those in attendance to find Texas Tech quarterback Seth Doege pretty endearing as well.

It'll be a fun few days, with video and coverage from yours truly throughout, so be sure to keep it here on Monday and Tuesday and later in the week for more from Dallas.