Talking Aggies, SEC, irreplaceable players

Yesterday's All-Big 12 team announcement delayed our chat wrap, but here are some of the highlights from our weekly chat.

And the full transcript.

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Tony in Richmond, Calif., asked: Dave, caught CFB Live yesterday and they said Mr.Fleming was on campus and expects to suit up for the Sooners. Is this is a done deal? Or is Jamel simply being optimistic and has some more work to do before officially rejoining the team? Also, any word on Metoyer's eligibility? Thanks

David Ubben: No, it's official. Oklahoma confirmed it a week or so ago. Fleming is back. Metoyer is still up in the air, but his dad sounds like he's confident he's on the right track. I'd expect him to qualify.

Note: After this chat, The Oklahoman reached Metoyer, who says he'll need an A in one class and a B in the other to qualify, but is likely to miss the first week of camp.

Aaron in Lincoln, Neb., asked: Dave, have you played NCAA 12 yet? I know you already put Nebraska back in the Big XII since you miss us so much.

DU: Yes and yes. (Left out the Buffs, though.) 11-team conferences, they work!

Mason in Tulsa, Okla., asked: David,Who do you think is the most irreplaceable player in the conference? Go Pokes!

DU: Justin Blackmon. OSU's trip to Manhattan agrees.

Malcolm Brown in Austin writes: Ain't fair... I haven't even moved my stuff in yet and the pressure is on. I racked up 1700 yards last season in high school, but those college LB's are fast and nasty and the DB's can knock your head off. Will I rank in the top 5 Big 12 RB's this season? Will I break 1,000 yards?

DU: I'm going to say no and no. And yes, it's not fair. Brown's dealing with expectations that I'd argue no one else in the league has to face.

Joel in College Station asked: Hey Ubs i've never been a huge fan of Tannehill being the QB for A&M. I've always felt he was a much better WR than QB. What are your thoughts on this and any chance Manziel takes over the starting job? That senior curse hasn't been good to us Aggies lately...

DU: I don't get this at all. I hear from people who aren't sold on Tannehill all the time. I don't understand it. What do you guys want? he got the job done with almost no experience during the toughest part of A&M's schedule. He'll be solid, and it's a bit ludicrous to suggest he'll be benched for anyone, much less a true freshman. Jerrod didn't play poorly as much as he was injured. There's a difference.

Victor in Washington, D.C., asks: I'm a staunch Sooner fan, and although I like Landry Jones, I don't see where he should be a Heisman hopeful this year. What's your take on Jones as a SERIOUS contender for the hardware?

DU: I'm buying. He duplicates numbers from last year, or even does slightly worse, but Oklahoma is undefeated? Finalist for sure, at the very least.

sdm130 in Iowa asked: With the round robin schedule, do you see any potential new rivalries to start up?

DU: Missouri and Oklahoma need to bring back the Peace Pipe.

David in D.C. asked: Ubbs, the rumor mill is starting up in Aggie circles again that that we're moving to the SEC. I seem to be one of thew few voices of reason noting what a horrible move it would be for A&M. Everyone else seems to think it would be the best possible move. Please talk some sense into these people.

DU: I've tried. They're a stubborn bunch. My stance remains the same. The recruiting advantages won't be as large as TAMU fans believe they'll be (Texas kids don't grow up dreaming of playing in the SEC, and TAMU won't recruit Florida that well) and any edge TAMU thinks it will gain over Texas will be lost by simply losing games, which TAMU would do a lot more of in the SEC.

Island Rogue asked: I don't buy that ATM would loose more games in the SEC. I think they compare favorably with most teams there. This from a Sooner.

DU: Apparently you haven't seen A&M suit up against SEC teams in awhile. Didn't go well for them last year. Or the year before that...or any year since the mid-90s.

Wheat Farmer in Kansas asked: Do you think the politicians in Texas will let A&M go to the SEC? Also, will K-State own Texas again this year?

DU: Worth wondering, and it's one of the many questions that would have to be answered in A&M's favor for this to actually happen. And yes, I think K-State owns Texas again this year. Not in the standings, but on the field, yes.