Ranking the Top 25 Big 12 players: No. 6

The official list of the Big 12's top 25 players is locked away in a vault in an undisclosed location, but we're revealing the list day by day here on the blog. Here's a refresher on my exact criteria.

We're in the top 10 now, so it might get a bit heated.

Got beef? Let's squash it.

No. 6: Levy Adcock, RT, Oklahoma State

2010 numbers: Anchored an offensive line that helped Oklahoma State finish third nationally in total offense, averaging more than 520 yards per game.

Most recent ranking: Lewis was ranked No. 14 in our postseason list of the Big 12's top 25 players.

Making the case for Adcock: Adcock is the top talent on the Big 12's top offensive line and he's the Big 12's best offensive lineman. The Cowboys gave up just 10 sacks in 2010, eight fewer than any other team in the Big 12, but Adcock didn't give up a single one.

He'll be responsible for blazing the trail for the Cowboys' inexperience at running back, but the 6-foot-6, 322-pounder is up to the task.

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