Cy-Hawk trophy gets a new look

I get plenty of unreasonable emails every week, and this sounded like one.

Jared in Ames wrote: David, tell me you saw the new trophy for the Iowa-Iowa State rivalry. This thing officially qualifies as worst trophy ever. I hope Iowa State can win it this year, then toss it at the bottom of Lake Laverne for all eternity.

David Ubben: Now, now. It can't be that bad can it?

Unfortunately, Jared didn't provide a link, so I went on the hunt.

That's when I saw it.

And Jared ... Allow me to apologize for doubting you.

From KCRG:

The trophy shows an Iowa family together after a day on the farm.

“This is literally a work of art representing the people and characteristics that are uniquely Iowan.” said Craig Floss, CEO for Iowa Corn. “Just as the trophy reads, we are honest, hard working, family and community orientated people. Iowa’s corn farmers are proud to bring this work of art to the new Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Series football game and we look forward to sharing it with the people of Iowa.”

All true. Sure. Hey, I've got nothing wrong with farming. The Big 12, as its recent promotional video will remind you, is firmly in the heartland.

A golden ear of corn would be fantastic.

A docile family surveying a bucket of corn? That doesn't belong on a trophy.

Jared, yes, this is the worst trophy in sports.

A quick collection of one-liners from various Twitterati who got a look:

Paul Myerberg, Pre Snap Read: "Was nice of my grandma to donate a figurine."

Jerry Palm, operator of CollegeBCS.com: "I thought it was Precious Moments figurine, not a trophy"

Ryan McGee, ESPN.com senior college football/racing writer: "I've seen lotta bad racing trophies but this wins"

Brett McMurphy, CBSSports: "Wish same folks would make trophy for OSU-UM game."

Dave Matter, Columbia Tribune: "Makes the Telephone Trophy look like the Stanley Cup."