Report: A&M expected to leave within week

The Big 12 and Texas A&M took no action during a teleconference Saturday, but a source told The Associated Press that the Aggies sounded set on leaving.

Big 12 officials expect Texas A&M to announce within the next week that it plans to leave the conference.

A person with knowledge of what was discussed during a conference call of the Big 12 board of directors Saturday told The Associated Press that Texas A&M officials talked about their anticipated departure.

"No major surprises," said the person, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the talks. "A&M didn't say they were leaving, but certainly gave every indication that's what they plan on doing."

That's no big surprise to anyone that's paid attention in recent weeks, but the rumors and whispers of those past weeks are slowly becoming more public knowledge.

Texas A&M notified the Big 12 and commissioner Dan Beebe earlier this week of their intentions to explore their options regarding conference affiliation.

The Aggies have been noncommittal publicly with their future intentions, but it sounds like that tone finally changed during Saturday's meeting, when the league's board of directors discussed the logistics (read: exit fees) of a possible departure for the Aggies.

If the move becomes official, expect the Big 12 to follow a statement from Beebe earlier this week and "move aggressively."

The person who spoke on condition of anonymity said the other nine Big 12 members again reaffirmed the desire to keep the conference intact.

"Obviously now, I think there is a little more urgency to think about if A&M leaves, who's No. 10, or who's 11 and 12 as well," that person said.

BYU is the most realistic option for the 10th spot, but we'll discuss more on the Big 12's possible new membership later on right here.