BYU opens up about future, Big 12

BYU has released a statement in regards to speculation about a possible future in the Big 12 (Hey, I've done some of that!).

"There is much speculation right now regarding conference affiliation that seems to change by the hour. Commenting on such conjecture is not productive and creates a distraction for our program. BYU is focused on the opportunities ahead. We are excited about our relationship with ESPN as a football independent and our affiliation with the West Coast Conference. The university will have no further comment."

Hardly an "unequivocal commitment" to independence, you might say.

It's carefully worded, but if BYU wanted to explicitly rule out a future in the Big 12, it would do it by now. Clearly, it's receptive to the idea, but don't take this as a "Take us! Take us!" statement, either.

BYU isn't SMU.

It's going to be a difficult decision for the program, but ultimately, one it looks like the school is going to entertain.