Tech's Doege sits after record-breaking day

Texas Tech has seen some pretty good passing days on the Plains over the past decade or so.

None was more accurate than Seth Doege's outing in Albuquerque today.

Texas Tech leads New Mexico, 52-7, entering the fourth quarter, but Doege broke the NCAA record for completion percentage.

He completed 40-of-44 passes for 401 yards and five touchdowns. That's a completion percentage of 90.1 percent.

Unbelievable. Few figured Doege for a flop, but I doubt anyone foresaw that kind of accuracy, regardless of who Tech played.

And whose record did Doege break before ceding the night to backup Jacob Karam?

Tech quarterback Kliff Kingsbury, of course.

For Doege, a West Texas kid that grew up loving Tech and idolizing QBs like Kingsbury, tonight is surely special.