Ugly incident at ISU-UConn game

The rumors surfaced during the game, but Connecticut confirmed the news to the Hartford Courant over the weekend.

The student dressed as Cy, the Iowa State cardinal mascot, fell down some stairs during Friday night's game and suffered a broken arm.

The circumstances surrounding the incident, though, are unclear. The student does not plan to press charges.

"The police determined there was no physical altercation tied to the event and no charges were filed,” UConn athletic department spokesman Mike Enright told the paper. "Instead, it was determined that the injuries were caused when the student in the mascot costume tripped down the stairs. These facts were confirmed by the student mascot in an interview with police."

But the paper also tracked down the student on social media.

Iowa State student Zane Brugenhemke, who identified himself on his Facebook page as the mascot who was injured, said he was pushed by some UConn fans.

"Fan pushed me out of the stands … eight foot drop onto concrete,” Brugenhemke wrote on Facebook, adding that he fractured his left ulna and radius. He said he’s scheduled to have surgery Sunday.

Brugenhemke, who is an Iowa State student majoring in athletic training, also posted a photo of himself with his arm in a cast and held by a sling. He also noted that UConn fans “quickly rose to #2 on my most hated fan bases … breaking my arm isn’t a good first impression guys."

The student also posted a photo of himself with his damaged arm.

It's a bit of an awkward situation, but who knows why the student would tell authorities one thing and his Facebook friends another?

"Iowa State officials left (the) stadium telling us they were completely satisfied with the way the situation was handled," Enright told the paper.

UConn brought in a specialist to look at the arm and the mascot came back to Ames on the team's charter flight.

Iowa State officials did not respond to requests for comment from ESPN.com over the weekend.