Big 12 weekend rewind

Time for our look back at the weekend in the Big 12.

Best offensive player: Brandon Weeden, QB, Oklahoma State. Facing a 17-point deficit, Weeden turned in an all-world second half, breaking his own school records with 47 completions and 438 passing yards and two touchdowns, which might have been three if not for an incident we'll get to later. And for all the talk of Weeden's interception count (six through three games) he didn't turn it over once against the best defense he's faced all year.

Best defensive player: Brodrick Brown, CB, Oklahoma State. Brown helped limit the effectiveness of Texas A&M receiver Jeff Fuller, and made eight tackles with an interception and two pass breakups in the Cowboys' 30-29 win over the Aggies.

Best team performance: Oklahoma State. Just like Oklahoma here. You win a road game in a tough environment against a top 10 team? You get best team performance. That's especially true if you erase a 17-point halftime deficit to do it. Runner up: Kansas State.

Best game: Oklahoma State 30, Texas A&M 29. Twists, turns and turnovers dotted some pretty sharp offensive play by Texas A&M in the first half and Oklahoma State in the second. What resulted was two really good teams playing an intensely entertaining game that came down to the final minutes.

Worst quarter: Texas A&M's third quarter. The Aggies let it all get away right here. Texas A&M's defense gave up three touchdown drives, sandwiched around a fumble on a the back end of a long catch-and-run by Kenric McNeal and a short drive that didn't cross midfield. The Aggies may look back at these 15 minutes as the ones that vastly changed their season for the worse. How quickly the game turned from 20-3 to 24-20.

Worst play: Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State. What can be said about Blackmon's fumble into the end zone and out of bounds that hasn't already been said about Jersey Shore? Unnecessary, completely mindless, but you can't look away. How did this become reality?

Best play(s): Kansas State's defense. With the game on the line, the Wildcats stuffed Miami four times on the goal line to preserve a huge 28-24 win.

Best haircut: Travis Lewis, LB, Oklahoma. Lewis paid homage to his secondary, nicknamed "The Sharks," by shaving a shark into the side of his head. Outstanding, sir. Kenny Stills' mohawk has competition.

Best gesture: Oklahoma State's players. Linebackers coach Glenn Spencer's wife died earlier in the week, and the players made rubber bracelets for the team that read "One Heart, One Team, One Family." Said coach Mike Gundy: "It's one thing when the coaches do it. The kids doing it is another."

Most supportive fans: Oklahoma State. After notching one of the biggest wins in program history, Oklahoma State's charter flight arrived back in Stillwater to a ton of fans at the airport waiting to welcome their team back home. Very nice, Cowboys.

Best proposal: Ryan Broyles, WR, Oklahoma. Broyles proposed to his long-time girlfriend on Sunday. The Sooners QB, Landry Jones, and top receiver are now officially off the market.

Most humorous fans: Oklahoma State. The few thousand OSU fans that made the trip to College Station started chanting "Big 12, Big 12, Big 12!" when the game was out of reach at Kyle Field for the SEC-bound Aggies. It may be the first time it got busted out, but no debut was more fitting, I suppose.

OSU dominated this thing today. Rest of the league has to step it up.