Texas A&M, Texas get own Gatorades

Less than a week after officially announcing its plans to join the SEC, Texas A&M has gone full Gator.

Texas, though, is coming with them.

The Aggies and Longhorns will get specialized maroon Gatorade in specialized bottles that will hit stores in the Bryan-College Station area, as well as other Texas shelves, soon.

The maroon Gatorade is part of a national initiative to highlight a few of the nation’s top universities and their key rivals, explains Kyle Grote of Gatorade Sports Marketing.

Playing on the Aggies’ longtime rivalry with the University of Texas, an orange version of the popular sports drink will be available in Texas as well. Likewise, similar promotions will focus on University of Michigan-Michigan State, Florida-Tennessee and USC-UCLA rivalries.

“We are highlighting some of the county’s best rivalries with this promotion, and certainly Texas A&M vs. Texas is recognized as one of the best,” Grote notes.

Texas A&M's flavor is specially colored fruit punch and the promotion runs through Oct. 31.

Here's guessing those flavors go down smooth for fans.