Big 12's lead as top conference shrinks

The Big 12 held onto its spot as college football's top conference for a third consecutive week, but the SEC is closing the gap.

The SEC took Texas A&M for 2012 last Sunday and this week, took over the No. 1 ranking in the AP poll, no doubt aided by Arkansas' neutral-site win over the Aggies.

Arkansas moved up from No. 18 to No. 10 in the AP poll while Texas A&M fell from No. 14 to No. 24.

In the only head-to-head battle of the SEC and Big 12 so far this season, Arkansas outperformed Texas A&M in the second half to beat the Aggies for a third straight year. Despite the loss, the Big 12 is still 27-3 in games outside of the conference, while the SEC is 28-4 in non-conference games.

Each conference has six teams ranked in the top 25 of the AP Poll, but the Big 12 has a higher percentage of ranked schools because it only has 10 teams in the conference compared to 12 teams in the SEC. Every team in the Big 12 is currently at or above .500, while the SEC has three teams with losing records.

The Big 12 and SEC both hit the bulk of their conference schedules this week, so don't look for much more fluctuation throughout the season. The SEC and Big 12 will likely keep their sizable leads over the other power conferences, but watching the two leagues jostle at the top throughout the year should be entertaining.