Chat: K-State, Red River, best LBs, Snyder

Thanks for all the questions. Fun chat today. Here's the full transcript.

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Time for a few highlights.

Henry Josey (Columbia): Why do I get absolutely no respect despite the fact I have had good games against 2 top 20 teams with very senior defenses?

David Ubben: Good question, Mr. Josey. You've been solid, and as Bill Snyder said Monday, are averaging "a million yards a carry." I'm unsure if this is true or hyperbole, but you've been an excellent back and carried the load well, which has been much heavier without De'Vion Moore and Kendial Lawrence there to help.

Tony S. (KY): Why is it OU keeps dropping in the polls?

David Ubben: People need to stop freaking out about this. I mean, come on. Anyone who thinks OU should be No. 1 hasn't been watching Alabama and LSU play. Sorry.

Bill Snyder (Manhattan, KS): Ubben, I read on this smartberry devise about my youngsters being underdogs to Missouri when they come to my family stadium. What chance do you give my family(fans) enjoying a win this weekend? If we win, chances going 7-0?

David Ubben: First off...awesome question. This game looks like a total toss-up to me. I don't think Missouri's going to be as good as I thought heading into the season. The defensive line has been a bit of a disappointment, and the receivers are still mostly looking like the T.J. Moe Show. K-State, meanwhile, is leaps and bounds better. I maintained this team had a lot of upside, but they've been even better than I thought. Easily the surprise of the Big 12 this year. If K-State wins Saturday, I'm betting on 7-0 heading into that game against OU in three weeks.

cuppycup (College Station, TX): Texas climbed the polls in a hurry playing no one of significance. Will they still look like a top 15 team after the RRS?

David Ubben: I think it'll be close. Texas didn't play anyone of significance, but it's hard to deny how good they've been since switching from Garrett Gilbert. Beat UCLA by 29 on the road and beat Iowa State by 23 on the road with a 34-point halftime lead.

SGT Steck (Edmond): Hey Ubbs, love the blog. Do you think the B12ship comes down to a brawl in Stillwater on Dec. 3? It pains me to sayit cuz I hate the Sooners but I would love to see both teams come into this game undefeated. And to A&M, thanx alot for making our comeback win not so special. It's hard to plays football with your hands around your throat.

David Ubben: At this point, yes. In the Big 12 race, A&M's loss last week was meaningless, but who the heck is going to beat OSU until that OU game? If someone does, it'll only be one game anyway. The Big 12 title will be on the line in Stillwater, maybe between undefeateds.

John (Denver, CO): Teams typically try to cover Ryan Broyles with double coverage. That works, but it frees up another receiver. Do you like Trey Franks or Kenny Stills to step up big in this year's RRR?

David Ubben: Yeah, I think Stills has made that obvious. I'm not sure you can really count on all of OU's other receivers making plays consistently, but one of them will outside of Stills, who will do fine as OU's featured receiver next year. Franks, Dejuan Miller, Jaz Reynolds will make some plays on Saturday. One of them, at least.

Jeff Cook (Tulsa): How aggressive do you think the Big 12 will be, if Missouri stays, in going after other schools to join the Big 12. Thanks.

David Ubben: If Missouri stays, I think the Big 12 needs to go back to 12 with BYU, Louisville and someone else in the Big East like TCU or West Virginia. If Missouri goes, go after them both.

Drew (Manhattan): Where would you rank Arthur Brown among linebackers in the Big 12? In the Nation?

David Ubben: I'd have to really sort that out in an extended post sometime. He's in the mix for the best already. No question. Reminds me a whole lot of Lavonte David. He's got that kind of toughness and speed. Absolute stud.

Tom Holmoe (Provo, UT): Hey, tell Neinas that I sent that contract back via carrier pigeon. He should have it in, oh, about 6 or 7 days, depending on the current hawk and eagle forecast.

David Ubben: Will do.