Ugly incident targets A&M buses in Lubbock

Texas A&M's team buses were vandalized at the team's hotel sometime Friday night or Saturday morning, Texas A&M officials said on Saturday.

From Texas A&M:

Texas Tech logos and some derogatory comments were written on the buses in washable paint. One of the buses could not be locked. Inside of that bus, some type of animal excrement has been spread throughout.

Texas A&M athletic director Bill Byrne weighed in with a tweet on Saturday, too.

"Someone vandalized our buses in Lubbock. Excrement inside and outside of buses plus spray painted vulgarities on outside. Classy," he wrote.

"Bus 3 still reeks," he added later.

Texas Tech spokesman Blayne Beal told the San Antonio Express-News that the incident was "unfortunate" and it was "sad to see sportsmanship" compromised.