Beebe talks after being ousted as commish

Former Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe made a wide variance of comments in an interview with ESPN.com's Andy Katz over the weekend.

Here's the full story.

And a few notes.

  • Beebe was campaigning for the league's then-12 teams to equally share the revenue from Tier I and Tier II media rights. Nebraska stood in the way, opposing its introduction before leaving for the Big Ten, which shares all of its revenue equally, including Tier III media rights. "Nebraska was one of the biggest objectors of equal revenue rights, and their president Harvey Perlman said that," Beebe said. "We could have done this two years ago and none of this would have happened."

  • Beebe said Colorado's move to the Pac-12 was the only one that made sense, and he didn't think any of the three departures were "inevitable." He added that he felt he was treated fairly by the Big 12 board of directors.

  • He thinks Missouri will stay in the Big 12 and wants the Tigers to stay. "My gut is that they stay, they should stay,'' Beebe said. "I was born in Missouri. I have tons of relatives there. Both sides of my family were there prior to the Civil War and fought on both sides. I'm well connected. They have a right to look but I think they'll come back to what their primary connection is. My strong feeling is that they need to be connected to the Midwest and I agree with (Big 12 interim commissioner) Chuck Neinas that they're a Midwest institution, not a Southeastern institution."

  • There's some debate on whether the Big 12 needs 10 or 12 teams, and Beebe favors 10, expanding to just one more team if Missouri leaves or halting expansion with TCU if Missouri goes. (My take: For money's sake, 10 teams is the answer. For stability's sake, 12 teams is the answer. I favor 12, but then, I don't get any money from the Big 12's TV revenue.)

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